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Babette "The Model" It started on the beach...

After moving to Ft. Lauderdale with my parents in 1959, I was often on the beach. One day a photographer for Kodak Camera approached me, asking whether I liked to have my picture taken. I ended up on a life sized cut out holding a brownie camera, in a bathing suit, in front of Kodak Camera stores all across the country. Somewhere I still have a copy of that first modeling check for $25.00. New York here I come! It never occurred to me that I could not do this though I was totally petrified. With about $500.00 to my name and very great hopes to see the Ford Modeling Agency, I was lucky and did meet Eileen and Jerry Ford. Eileen said " cut your hair," and Vidal Sasoon did... and then WELL what more is there to say?

Babette "The Painter"

It always suprises me when visitors to my gallery love the color and subject in my paintings; it's a great feeling to have someone actually walk away with one because they love it. I feel happy and also a little sad, I'm very attached to my paintings and I feel a ping of loss; they are so much a part of me. I grew up in the tropics, color and the heavy smell of perfume was all around me and that's when I started to paint: at the age of seven. My parents were always encouraging me and making sure there were paints and board available to me. Modeling never stopped me from pursuing painting and weekends at the beach were great for that. Later moving to the Pacific northwest after being a chef and Innkeeper I was really able to start painting again. With new visions and loads of color I walk into my canvas and paint my way out back into the real world a little like writing a book I would imagine. My latest subjects are "The Women" I name them my girls, reaching back to modeling, self portrait's are sultry sexy and captivating at least I would like to believe so, some are on five Idaho wine Labels. Currently I'm walking into a seven foot canvas with some of my girls and will hopefully return to the real world when they think I"m done. I would love to paint in a few bold strokes and two or three colors but for now and back then it was color so it is for a while longer. Thanks for visiting my website and let me bring some color into your life.